Anonymous said: Any advice for okcupid?? Did you meet yer man on there?

Take OkCupid with a grain of salt. When I was on OkC in NYC, most people were on there for a quick hook up. In the suburbs it’s different, but people are still pervy and weird. Don’t get offended if a person sends you a vulgar message and remember what you put up there can be read a million different ways depending on what that person wants to hear.

I did not meet Cam on OkCupid. I actually met him through Tumblr, I guess. I was following his bff Raf who asked if I did the blind date thing and I said sure I’m a lonely single woman in the suburbs and he hooked me up with Cam’s tumblr and he put an ask in my box (innuendo?) and the rest is history.

  1. sleeptheclockaround said: Sending an “ask” was the best decision I ever made.
  2. spaceman-spliff said: permission to steal “he put an ask in my box”?
  3. mr-sweetandawful said: I am cupid.
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