Today while trying on bridesmaids dresses, I was wearing one that was royal blue. For those of you not familiar with the process of trying on bridesmaids dresses, you try on the styles that you (the bride) like, and then, if the styles that you like are not in the color you want, you try on dresses in the color you like that maybe aren’t in the style you desire. 

SO. I was trying on a royal blue dress. Strapless, Grecian-style draping. When I was looking in the mirror, the mother of the bride (my best friend’s mom/my surrogate mom) said “Oh, Emily you look so nice in that color!” and I said “Ugh, really? I don’t like it.” and she said “Um, hello, you’re blonde haired and blue eyed, it works perfectly with your complexion!” to which I said, “You’re right, I am a beautiful Aryan princess.” I should not be allowed out of the house.

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