oh my god I am still reeling from that letter Fiona Apple wrote about her dog. So eloquent, so heartbreaking, so oddly soothing. I think about the inevitable death of my pets a lot, mostly because I see people say goodbye to their pets a lot. Some people delay it because it is too hard, some people say goodbye quickly after a fatal diagnosis so their pet won’t suffer, some people are callous and seem not to be affected by the loss of a friend at all. But for me, even the idea of losing Tucker or Fuzz is absolutely devastating. But knowing that other people, more eloquent people, can put what I will one day relate to into words is somewhat comforting.

  1. brownhoundeyes said: If you ever want to, I highly recommend reading “Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die” by Jon Katz. It was such a comfort to me after Nestle passed away.
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